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Letter confirming workplace adjustments for employee with long COVID


This Letter Confirming Workplace Adjustments for Employee with Long COVID should be used to confirm reasonable adjustments to be made by the employer in order to support an employee with long COVID in the workplace or assist with their return to work. These adjustments may include the employee working reduced hours or carrying out different duties for an agreed period of time. 

This letter should be used after a meeting with the employee to discuss their state of health, any advice from a doctor or Occupational Health Service and any proposed workplace adjustments. 

This template letter sets out the adjustments which were discussed and agreed at the meeting, giving the date from which the changes will apply. If any workplace adjustments were rejected, the letter explains why this was the case.

The letter includes alternate clauses which should be used depending on whether or not the workplace adjustments are to be introduced on a temporary or permanent basis.

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