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What is a Statement of Capital?

What is a Statement of Capital?

A statement of capital is a 'snapshot' of a limited company's share capital at a given time and was introduced by the Companies Act 2006 for all companies with share capital.

Companies are required to file a statement of capital with Companies House in each of the following circumstances:

  • on formation;
  • when filing a confirmation statement; and
  • where there has been an alteration of the company's share capital that requires a filing under the Companies Act, for example an allotment of shares.

In addition, a company must also, on request from a member, send to that member a current statement of capital.

In most cases the statement of capital will be incorporated into the relevant form. For example, on an allotment of shares (Form SH01), the form itself incorporates the requisite statement of capital and so there will be no need to file a stand-alone form. This means that duly completing and filing the relevant form within the specified period of time should satisfy the company's corresponding obligation to file a statement of capital.

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