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New Hotel Booking Terms

November 2015

New Terms of Booking for use with Business Customers

We have just added to our portfolio a new version of Hotel Terms of Business designed specifically for use where the Hotel’s customer is not a consumer, i.e. it is business (or other) organisation.

We also recently updated and improved our previous Hotel Terms of Business template to take full account of new consumer legislation, and that template is designed for use only where the hotel is dealing with a consumer.

With the addition of this new business customer version, we now provide two sets of hotel booking terms, each tailored for specific customer types, i.e. consumers and non-consumers.

Scope of the New Terms of Booking

The new business customer (non-consumer) document is intended for use where the hotel’s customer makes a booking for its employees or others, whether the booking is for one or more individuals or for a group.

With flexibility in mind, we have included in the document provisions covering not only the booking of accommodation, food, drink, and fitness facilities, but also other facilities and services that hotels often offer, e.g. hire of rooms for meetings, conferences, receptions, exhibitions, or other events, and use of hotel or customer equipment at such events.

The document also includes optional detailed clauses to cover car parking, loss or damage to customer property, and charges for additional services.

There are also provisions dealing in detail with the booking process, payment, cancellation, check-in/out, hotel rules, and other key issues.

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