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New Template Documents for Lettings of Homestay Accommodation

July 2014
Homestays – where owners of residential properties take in paying guests for short breaks – have grown in popularity in recent years. The market for them is particularly strong in areas with high levels of tourism and in areas close to language schools where there is an influx of foreign students during the summer vacation.

Homestays offer an alternative to hotel accommodation, with many guests preferring to be in a home environment and enjoying interaction with their hosts. Homestays appeal strongly to foreign exchange students who wish to experience life in an English home and spend time conversing with native speakers.

Offering rooms to homestay guests can provide owners with a useful source of income and can be a rewarding experience. However, it is essential that the agreement between the owner and the guest is properly documented. This will ensure that both parties know what is expected of them and will reduce the scope for disputes.

Our new Homestay Accommodation Agreements folder contains a range of template documents for owners. These include:

• Homestay Agreement;
• Terms & Conditions and associated documents for online bookings;
• Regulations (or house rules); and
• Tariff setting out the charges made for additional services provided by the owner (such as meals, laundry or cycle hire).

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