Fire Marshal Training Record + all Health & Safety docs for only £35 + vat

Fire Marshal Training Record


The Fire Safety Policy provides for the appointment of competent persons who might act as Fire Marshals. Each of these persons must be trained properly in their duties and such training recorded. This Fire Marshal Training form is a simple record of names of trainees, trainer and relevant dates with signature boxes for each of the parties.

This Fire Marshal Training Record template is in fixed field format and contains macros. All macros are virus free. Always click "enable" if an automatic pop-up appears. Simply press TAB to jump from one field to the next and SHIFT + TAB to go back.

Alternatively, use the mouse to click from one field to the next. The template can be unlocked by clicking on the "Padlock" icon on the tool bar. For further information on Macros and "Padlock" please refer to the Help section.