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Fire Alarm Check Record


This Fire Alarm Check Record is the part of the fire risk assessment process where the condition and effectiveness of fire fighting equipment will need to be tested, and a system put in place to ensure the proper maintenance of that equipment.

The fire detection and warning systems should be checked weekly for their state of repair and operation. A full test and service should be carried out by a competent engineer annually. For guidance please download the Maintenance & Testing of Fire Equipment Guidance Notes, available from the Related Documents links below.

This Fire Alarm Check Record template provides for recording the following:

1. Control and management of the record
2. Location of Equipment
3. Description of Equipment
4. Description of the nature of the check/inspection
5. Condition of Equipment
6. Action to be taken if required
7. Reference to a Risk Assessment form if action to be taken
8. Initials of the party carrying out the check/inspection.

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