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Managing Building Site Inductions

March 2017

This month Simply-Docs has created a set of Building Site Induction Documents for small building companies who find themselves as Principal Contractor under CDM 2015.

All Principal Contractors are required to properly manage their sites. Proper management includes ensuring that unauthorised access to the building site is prevented and that everyone who visits the site or who works on it is given a safety briefing – known as a site induction. We have produced a set of forms that can be used to keep track of the daily visitors to the site, including employees and other contractors and to record who has attended the site inductions.

Even if the building company only has a small building site, under the terms of CDM 2015 they need to ensure that everyone on it has attended a site induction. This need not be a long or complicated process; it just involves making sure that everyone is aware of basic safety and welfare information.

We have also produced a form to record the weekly checks that should be carried out on scaffolding and another to record the details if anyone does have an accident on site.

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