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Directors and the Companies Act 2006 – Overview

Directors And The Companies Act 2006 – An Overview


This Directors and the Companies Act 2006 – An Overview provides a brief introduction to the Companies Act 2006 rules regarding Directors and their appointment, removal, duties and interests. It refers to documents available in the Simply-Docs Corporate folder throughout. 

This overview has been updated as of October 2015 in accordance with the implementation of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (“SBEE”). The SBEE has, amongst other things, made several changes to legislation and procedures as they affect directors. This includes extending the statutory duties applicable to directors to shadow directors, no longer requiring the day of a director’s birth to be included on the public register, replacing the procedure for verifying a director’s appointment as well as making it easier for directors who are falsely or incorrectly appointed to have their details removed from the register.

The SBEE also intends to phase out corporate directors so that all directors must be natural persons.

This document can also be found in the Removal of Directors, and Directors' Interests Sub-folders.

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