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Temporary Work Placements to Another Team or Organisation

June 2022

Many employers are finding the current recruitment market challenging and are looking at alternative ways to fill job vacancies, even temporarily. As a result, secondments - the temporary work placement of an employee to another team or organisation – are increasing in popularity.

Secondments can be either internal or external. Internal secondments are when the work is within another area of the same organisation; external secondments are when the employee transfers to another organisation for a temporary change in role, e.g. while the other organisation is recruiting for a permanent role or needs cover for a period of sick leave.

External secondments usually require an existing link between two organisations, i.e. one organisation may be a client or supplier of the other, and may help to strengthen the relationship between the donor and recipient organisation. From the point of view of the secondee, a secondment offers the chance to broaden and develop skills they would not necessarily be able to access within their existing role.

The cornerstone of a successful secondment, internal or external, is an effective and comprehensive secondment agreement which clearly outlines such matters as the timescale of the transfer and the role of the employee who is being seconded.

A new range of document templates is now available to guide employers through the various aspects of putting together a successful secondment.

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