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Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment in the Workplace.

Display Screen Equipment - Information

Information For Employees And Self-Employed Contractors

The employer must ensure that adequate Health and Safety Information is provided to employees who use display screen workstations whether he has provided them or not, (e.g. their own equipment for working from home, a customer's equipment when they are working in the field, etc.). The employer also has a duty to self-employed contractors who operate display screen equipment which he has provided.

The Information must include the measures adopted by the employer to comply with the requirements for risk assessment, risk control and display screen workstations under the Health and Safety (Display Screen) Regulations 1992, as well as all other aspects of health and safety relating to their workstations, for example the risks and risk control measures as regards electrical hazards, work equipment hazards, trip and fall hazards, etc.

Information For Employees

The employer must ensure that employees who use display screen workstations are provided with adequate information inter alia, about his planning of work to allow for breaks or changes of activity, his training arrangements to update them if their workstations are modified, and his arrangements as regards eye and eyesight.

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