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Daily Work Routine for Display Screen Equipment in the Workplace.

Daily Work Routine for Display Screen Equipment

The employer must plan the activities of employees working with VDUs or other display screen equipment to allow for breaks in such work or changes of activity to reduce their workload at display screen equipment.

For some jobs, changes of activity occur naturally in the work routine. For example, a secretary's work at the keyboard may be interspersed frequently with filing, dictation, telephoning and the like.

For other jobs, deliberate breaks must be planned into the routine. For example, a data input clerk's work may require sustained attention and concentration throughout the day. Consultation with employees or their trade union representatives may be necessary, especially where breaks can reduce the employee's earning capacity.

This work planning duty does not apply in respect of self-employed contractors who operate display screen equipment for the employer. However, the employer should have regard to work planning as a means of risk control in order to perform his main general duties as regards protecting non-employees form health and safety risks.

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