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Templates for Bespoke Goods and Food Products

April 2022

Website terms and conditions, also known as “terms of use”, are an important part of any website. They play a vital role in setting out the rights and obligations governing your operation of the site and your visitors’ and customers’ use of it.

As well as setting out the rules and covering key issues such as intellectual property, disclaimers, and liability, your terms and conditions may also extend to e-commerce. If you sell goods on your website, your terms and conditions will form the basis for your contracts with your customers.

The range of e-commerce terms and conditions is divided into two broad categories: terms of use and terms of sale. The terms of use govern users’ use of your website itself. The terms of sale deal with the sale of goods.

Website terms of sale should guide your customers through the purchase process, explaining the formation of the contract between you, and providing key information on goods, pricing, payment, delivery, ownership, consumer rights, and cancellation rights.

Updated Website Terms of Sale for Bespoke Goods and Food Products

The Terms of Use templates for the sale of Bespoke Goods and Food Products have been reviewed in-depth and rebuilt from scratch, updating them in line with current best practice. Key parts of the documents have been re-worded for improved simplicity, clarity, and user-friendliness. Certain parts of the documents have been re-structured to make them more logical for customers to follow. User-friendliness is an important aspect of terms and conditions such as these as it not only improves the overall user experience of a website, but from a legal point of view, it increases the likelihood that standard terms will be considered fair.

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