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Windows, Skylights and Ventilators in the Workplace

Windows, Skylights and Ventilators

Under Health & Safety Regulations all Windows, skylights and ventilators which can be opened must be capable of being opened, closed and adjusted safely in the workplace.

Safe Access

There should be a safe means of access provided to reach handles, latches or other controls so that the person adjusting the opening does not risk falling through a window or off a ladder or platform. Position, design, construction, ancillary equipment (such as window poles, access platforms, etc.) and maintenance of windows etc. should be such that risks are eliminated or minimised.

Risk Of Collision

To avoid someone colliding with an open window, skylight or ventilator they must be positioned to avoid protrusion into an area where the opening part presents no hazard.

Risk Of Falling

To avoid someone falling through an open window, the bottom edge should normally be at least 800mm above floor level unless there is a barrier to prevent falls. Where there is a danger of falling from a height out of a window, devices should be provided to prevent the window opening too far.

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