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Safety of Doors and Gates in the Workplace.

Doors and Gates

Doors and gates must be suitably constructed, and fitted with any necessary safety device. To satisfy this requirement, safety measures must include at least the following:

  • a sliding door or gate must have a device to prevent it coming off its track during use;
  • an upward opening door or gate must have a device to prevent it falling back;
  • a powered door or gate must have suitable and effective features to prevent it injuring someone by trapping them;
  • where necessary for health and safety reasons, a powered door or gate must be capable of being operated manually unless it opens automatically if the power fails;
  • a door or gate that can be pushed open from either side must provide a clear view, when closed, of the space close to each side. For example, a person approaching from one side should be able to see a person in a wheelchair close to the other side of the door.

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