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Tuition Services (Sole Trader) Agreements

These Tuition Agreements can be applied to various types of services provided by individuals or small businesses on a one to one basis including:

· Tutors/teachers who teach academic and other subjects to children or adults, e.g. Music, Maths, English, etc.

· Tutors, mentors, coaches who provide any training, instruction etc. in academic, business/commercial, IT/technical, practical, creative subjects, or foreign languages, or in life skills.

These Tuition Services (Sole Trader) Agreements contain templates for the provision of such services to individual clients as “consumers”, i.e. for the client’s private (not business) use.

Application of the relevant template will ensure that both the self-employed individual teacher who provides these services and their client have a clear picture of what is to be provided and how it is to be provided. Both parties will be made aware of their respective obligations, particularly those relating to the provision of services and payment for those services.

In addition, these terms and conditions will underscore the qualifications, skills and experience of the teacher, thus providing reassurance to the client and enhancing the business of the provider.

These templates are only for use where the provider is an individual working on a sole trader basis. If the provider is a company which engages individuals to teach the company’s clients, you should instead use one of the Tuition Services (Company) Agreements .

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