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CHF - SH19 – Statement Of Capital


A purchase of own shares occurs when a company purchases shares in itself from an existing shareholder and the shares purchased are not redeemable shares. Please see " Own Share Purchase out of Capital - Guidance Notes " for more information.

Form SH19 has been included in this folder to reflect the April 2013 changes to the Companies Act 2006, notably the introduction of a separate, simpler procedure for approving the use of capital where the purchase of own shares is for the purposes of an employees’ share scheme.

If a resolution has been passed authorising shares to be purchased for the purposes of an employees’ share scheme, the Statement of Capital must be completed and sent to Companies House under cover of the 1st Letter to Companies House (ESS).

This document is in PDF format and the up to date version of it can be found on the Companies House website by clicking on this link to the relevant page: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/statement-of-capital-when-reducing-capital-in-a-company-sh19.

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