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Share Sale Agreement Schedule

Schedule - Purchase Price Paid in Shares (Share Sales)


This Schedule - Purchase Price Paid in Shares (Share Sales) is a direct replacement for the schedule in the relevant share sale agreement which deals with the purchase price. The default provision in each of the agreements is for the purchase price to be paid in cash. This schedule allows for the purchase price to be paid by allotting shares in the Buyer to the Seller(s).

At completion, the Seller(s) and the Buyer will need to choose a chartered accountant to value the shares in the capital of the Buyer. This value will be used to calculate the number of shares in the Buyer to which the Seller(s) are entitled in exchange for the shares in the target company. The Seller(s) will not be entitled to dividends declared or paid by reference to a date prior to the allotment of the consideration shares. Paragraph 1.4 requires that the consideration shares are retained for a specified number of months after completion. Paragraph 1.5 allows the Buyer to pay the purchase price wholly or partly in cash. If a cash payment is to be made, there is an option to pay by banker’s draft or by telegraphic transfer to a designated account. Since many completions tend to take place at uncivilised hours (and thus outside normal banking hours!) an undertaking should be signed. Please see the related documents for two examples of undertakings that may be used.

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