Terminating a Business Lease

Termination and Renewal of Leases

There are various ways in which a business lease or licence may be brought to an end by the tenant. The documents in this subfolder will help tenants to bring leases, licences and tenancies at will to an end in the proper way.

If there are termination provisions in the document, such as a break clause in a lease or an early termination clause in a licence, a notice needs to be served strictly in accordance with the terms of the lease or licence. A tenancy at will can be terminated at any time with immediate effect.

If the contractual term of a lease has come to an end (or is about to do so) and the tenant wishes to vacate, a notice under section 27 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 can be served. If the tenant wishes to remain in occupation and have a new lease granted to it a section 26 notice should be served.

These Termination and Renewal of Leases documents are part of the Property Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Property Folder.