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New Website Terms & Conditions

October 2011

Last month Simply-Docs updated its popular portfolio of website terms and conditions. Already covering a broad range of different website types, this package of documents has now been extended with some important new additions.

It used to be “good old Yellow Pages”. Now, it’s yell.com. Business directories are a common site online. Some are broad-ranging with a variety of categories on offer and others cater for specific industries and sectors. Our new Business Directory Website Terms and Conditions are designed for use with any size or speciality. Key terms deal with the listing of businesses, requiring up-to-date and accurate information. In addition, the website owner’s liability and responsibility is kept in check to avoid trouble arising from issues outside of their control.

Another type of online business that has long since made the transition from print to screen is the classifieds directory. A popular business model, providing advertising space for individuals and businesses to promote their wares, services and spare rooms can make for a busy website. Ensuring that all ads adhere to certain rules and standards is important and is simply taken care of with our new Classifieds Website Terms and Conditions.

Everyone has something to say about everything. The internet is awash with opinions and those opinions are often sought out by individuals making purchasing decisions. Reviews websites provide a convenient port of call for such individuals. Our new Reviews Website Terms and Conditions make it easy for you to set up and regulate such a site. Key terms govern the content of reviews and set out important control mechanisms (including, should you so wish, the screening of reviews prior to publication).

News and current events also make for popular websites. Once again, whether presenting news and events on all subjects from around the world or whether providing specialist updates on, say, the latest consumer technology, the opportunities to set up such a website are vast. Our new News Website Terms and Conditions ensure that the valuable intellectual property rights in your content are protected and also protect you by ensuring that your information is not relied upon when making key decisions. After all, what is news without some opining and journalistic flair?

Our final lot comes in the form of Auction Website Terms and Conditions. Another popular means of selling items online, auctions should be carefully regulated to ensure that all parties concerned are adequately protected. This document aims to ensure that all items are accurately described and that the bidding and buying process is fair. Sold? We thought so.

Disclaimers and IP Notices

In addition to our new terms and conditions, Simply-Docs has also prepared two documents with a focus on shorter notices. The first is a standard email disclaimer which sets out important information relating to the security of emails, privacy and data protection. The second is a set of standard intellectual property notices which can be easily inserted into your website to further support your terms and conditions.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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