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Sponsorship Agreements

December 2013
In addition to the use of conventional advertising, many enterprises engage in sponsorship as a valuable means of improving their profile and promoting their business, locally or even nationally. With this in mind the Business portfolio now includes Sponsorship Agreement (Long) and Sponsorship Agreement (Short), both designed for businesses wishing to sponsor other organisations.

Businesses typically provide sponsorship in the form of a payment or supply of equipment or other valuable items to the sponsored organisation. (The other organisation may be another commercial business or it may be a charity or other not-for-profit organisation.)

Since sponsorship is essentially a commercial arrangement, a sponsor expects to receive publicity for its business or other sponsorship benefits in return for its sponsorship.

Using written agreements for any form of sponsorship is therefore recommended to help avoid any misunderstanding or dispute not only about the particular benefits to be provided to the sponsor in return for its sponsorship, but also other key matters. For example it is important that the parties clearly agree when and how there must be cancellation, return of sponsorship fees, and terms on which the sponsor allows the other party to use the sponsor’s name, logo or trade mark.

We have therefore produced two forms of Agreement to cover the most common sponsorship arrangement – payment of a fee to sponsor a single event organised by the other party. The longer form, the Sponsorship Agreement (long), is suited to cases where the sponsor and/or sponsored entity are quite substantial organisations, and the fee is a significant amount. The shorter form, the Sponsorship Agreement (short), is for cases where both parties wish to have a simpler and shorter document, often because the fee is smaller or the two organisations are less substantial.

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