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Employment Policies

January 2010

Ethical Policy - This policy sets out general principles of corporate ethics by which an organisation will guide itself. An Ethical Policy will set a good mindset for all staff and officers of the business. It is also an effective way of demonstrating a corporate commitment to honest and proper business practices, from the way that an organisation treats its employees to how it deals with its environmental impact.

Hospitality and Gifts Policy - This Policy has been created to operate as a facet of the Ethical Policy, although it can just as easily be adopted and used on its own. The operation of a clear and unambiguous policy on corporate hospitality and gifts helps to prevent potentially embarrassing situations arising. It also helps to assure clients and suppliers that they are dealt with equally and fairly by the company.

Home Working Policy - This Policy is for use by employers who wish to offer home working to their employees as a mode of flexible working. Many workers now have the statutory right to request their employer to consider flexible working arrangements, therefore employers should ensure that they are prepared to properly consider any such requests.

Home Working Agreement - This Agreement is designed to be used in conjunction with the Home Working Policy above. This Agreement should be used to establish specific arrangements between an employee and his/her employer to ensure effective and well managed home working arrangements.

Information and Consultation Policy - This Policy is designed to provide a structure for small companies to adopt in order to comply with the latest Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations. Whilst all those organisations employing fewer than 50 people will not be subject to the Regulations, it is expected that they will set best practice for all employers.

Information and Consultation Agreement - This Agreement is designed to be used as a starting point for negotiations under the latest Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations. It creates a works council, consisting both of employer representatives and the elected representatives of the employees, in order to ensure a forum for the simple and open flow of information and opinion.

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