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Ethics Policy


This Ethical Policy sets out general principles of corporate ethics that an organisation will guide itself by. This Ethical Policy addresses factors pertaining to bribery and corruption arising out of the Bribery Act 2010. This is to aid companies in the process of embedding a strong anti-corruption culture – one of the recommended processes under guidance for the Bribery Act.

A clear Ethics Policy can also help ensure that employees know the sort of behaviour expected from them, which in turn can help pre-empt potentially embarrassing or damaging situations occurring where employees acting on behalf of the company act inappropriately or unethically. This can often be down to inexperience as much as deliberate morally questionable conduct. An Ethical Policy will set a good mindset for all staff and officers of the business.

An Ethical Policy is an effective way of demonstrating a corporate commitment to honest and proper business practices, from the way that an organisation treats its employees to how it deals with its environmental impact.

This policy contains the following sections:
1. Purpose
2. Human Rights
3. Workers’ Rights
4. Environmental Issues
5. Conflicts of Interest
6. Information and Confidentiality
7. [Shareholders and Investors]
8. Suppliers and Partners
9. Bribery and Corruption

Variations on this document can also be found in the Business Folder, in Legal and Business Forms, Bribery Act 2010 & Policies as well as in the Corporate Folder under Starting Up, Corporate Statement/Policies.

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