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Managing Damp & Mould Issues in Dwellings

October 2023

Following last month’s publication of the committee of government experts’ guidance on understanding and assessing the health risks of damp and mould in housing, a collection of documents has been added to assist residential landlords and letting agents with the management of damp and mould problems in dwellings. 

The content includes:

  • an overview of a residential landlord’s responsibilities in respect of investigating and rectifying damp and mould problems
  • template letters to assist with the management of damp and mould complaints
  • a checklist of indicators to help identify whether a property is likely to have damp issues, and
  • a tenant condensation checklist with actions which tenants can take to help reduce condensation levels in a property.

The committee's guidance applies to properties in England only but is suitable for best practice use in Wales.

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