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Work Equipment: Knowledge & Information

Knowledge & Information

Ensuring Adequacy

Employers should note that what is adequate as regards information, instructions and training for users may not necessarily be adequate for their supervisors and managers, and vice versa. It should also be noted that differences in adequacy may have to be accommodated for users from different employee groups, for example the needs of young workers will be different from those of experienced workers.

Minimum Requirements for Information & Instructions

The employer must ensure that information and instructions can be easily understood by the user, supervisor or manager. This may require special attention if any users have language difficulties or disabilities which impede their receipt of information.

The employer must ensure that information and instructions cover at least:

  • conditions in which and the methods by which the work equipment may be used;
  • foreseeable abnormal situations and the action to be taken if such circumstances were to occur;
  • any conclusions to be drawn from experience in using the work equipment, including lessons from accidents and near misses.

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