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Template For Declining An Employee’s Annual Leave Request

Letter Declining An Employee’s Request For Annual Leave


This Letter Declining An Employee’s Request For Annual Leave should be used when an employee has requested a period of annual leave but the request has to be declined for justifiable reasons. This justifiable reason may be, for instance, that the employee has insufficient leave remaining or other employees have already had annual leave approved at that time and the Company cannot allow any other employees to be off at the same time.

Employers are allowed to turn down a request for annual leave provided that the notice given by the Company is at least equivalent to the length of holiday requested.

The letter goes on to ask if the employee has any alternative dates on which they would like to take annual leave.

If the employee goes on to take annual leave on dates which have not been authorised, the unauthorised absence would be unpaid and treated as a serious disciplinary matter on the employee’s return.

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