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Room Dimensions and Space in the Workplace

Room Dimensions and Space

Any room where one or more persons work must have enough floor area, height and unoccupied space for health and safety purposes. There should be enough free space to allow people to get to and from desks, benches or other workstations safely and with ease; and move within the room safely and with ease.

Rough Guide

A minimum rule of thumb is to allow at least 11 cubic metres per occupant of rooms such as offices, workshops and the like. Common sense should be applied to this guide, which is calculated on the basis of the volume of the room when empty (counting the height as 3 metres where the ceiling is higher than that).

More space may be required, thus limiting the number of people who can work in the room, where the contents, layout and nature of work pose hazards or restrict ease of movement. Less space may be feasible for necessarily restricted areas such as lecture rooms, sales kiosks, control cabs or the like.

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