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Workplace Lighting


The Workplace Lighting must be suitable and sufficient which must be, so far as is reasonably practicable, natural light. This requirement covers not only locations where work is actually performed, but also access, egress, toilets and other facilities for use in connection with work sites. Lighting therefore needs to be adequate to enable people to work, use facilities and move from place to place safely and without eye-strain.

Windows and skylights should, where possible, be cleaned regularly to admit maximum daylight. Stairs should be well lit so that shadows do not fall on the main part of the treads. Lights should not cause a hazard, such as dazzle, glare, electrocution, fire, radiation or collision. Light switches should be positioned so they may be found easily and without risk.

To avoid reducing lighting to an unsafe level, obstruction of lights should be avoided and lights should be replaced, repaired or cleaned as necessary.

Emergency Lighting

Suitable and sufficient emergency lighting must be provided in any room where anyone at work would be specially exposed to danger if artificial lighting were to fail. Emergency lighting should be powered by a source independent of that for the normal lighting. Escape routes for use in a fire should also include emergency lighting.

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