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Statements, Policies, Arrangements & Procedures for Health & Safety

March 2014
All businesses should have a Health and Safety Statement on display in the workplace. If your business has five or more employees you must also have a Health and Safety Policy. The Arrangements and Procedures aid your management of health and safety in the workplace and detail who is responsible for managing the various aspects of health and safety.

Simply-docs is intending to create sets of Health and Safety policy documents for specific trades/industries over the coming months and we are starting this process with a basic set specifically for the Sole Trader and a standard set for use by a generic company.

The collection written specifically for the Sole Trader is very simple and is intended for a sole trader to use so that the sole trader can demonstrate to his/her clients that they are compliant with health and safety law.

The ‘Standard’ set contains a generic Health and Safety Statement, Policy, and the Arrangements and Procedures. This updated collection will be suited to almost any type of business although the individual documents may be amended to suit yours.

Once the health and safety policy documents have been completed and signed by the most senior person in your business, they demonstrate your commitment to Health and Safety both to your clients and to your suppliers. The documents detail how you comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Regulations that come under it.

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