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New Templates for Private and Commercial use of Garages and Car Parking Spaces

January 2018

We have expanded the scope of our documents dealing with the use of garages and car parking spaces. Template leases and licences are available to cover the following situations.

Private (Non-Business) Use of Garages and Car Parking Spaces

These leases and licences are designed for use where the garage or car parking space is used by an individual to park a private vehicle or, in the case of a garage, to store household items. The documents can be found in our Residential Landlord and Ownership Documents Group. These documents should not be used if the parking or storage is for business purposes.

Business Use of Garage and Workshop Premises

These tenancy at will and lease documents appear in the Industrial Premises Leases and Licences section of the Property document portfolio. They provide for the use of a garage or workshop for business purposes, such as repairing cars or manufacturing goods. The leases are drafted as business leases and include provisions relating to security of tenure under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

Business Use of Parking Spaces and Garages

The Tenancy at Will for Car Parking Space, Lease of Open Air Car Park and Lease of Covered Car Park are all suitable for business use. The Tenant may be using the car park for parking their own car or for staff parking, or they may run a car park that is open to the public. These templates are available in the Bare and Agricultural Land Leases and Licences section of the Property Folder.

“Park on my drive” Type Arrangements

Our Car Parking Licence for One Day/Multiple Days templates are designed for “park on my drive” style arrangements, where the owner of a parking space allows a person to book the use of the space for a day, part of a day or a number of days. These licence templates can be found in our Bare Land Licences subfolder.

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