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Fire Safety Risk Assessment Form for Workshop

Small Factory Fire Risk Assessment Form


This Small Factory Fire Risk Assessment is intended for a small factory or workshop where mechanical or chemical processes may be carried out or quantities of flammable materials, such as cleaning chemicals, may be stored. The premises controller can carry out the risk assessment themselves but it is recommended that a competent person is instructed to assist in this important task.

This document does not provide an exhaustive list and there may be items in respect of the workshop concerned that are not on the list. For this reason the form contains blank boxes for additional items specific to the particular circumstances, which you can use as needed.

Even in the smallest factories/workshops there is a risk of fire. How large or small that risk is depends on what you do and where and how you do it.

Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 businesses are required carry out a fire risk assessment.

When doing your fire risk assessment you must:

  • Identify any procedures that may cause a fire or flammable substances such as chemicals.
  • Consider the amount and type of fire extinguishers you have.
  • Consider your escape routes in the event of a fire.
  • Consider your employees who may be at risk.

The requirement for businesses to carry out fire risk assessments applies to all non-domestic premises. Once you have completed your fire risk assessment and have noted any issues on your action plan, you must then set a reasonable time frame for rectifying the issues.

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