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Environmental Policy Templates

July 2013
Following last month's new documents in respect of Environmental Management Systems, Risk Assessment Forms, Guidance Notes, and checklist Simply-docs have now updated and extended the available selection of Environmental Policies.

By using these new and updated  environmental forms and policies you will be able to assess the extent to which your business is environmentally friendly and this will enable you to establish your objectives for managing, reducing or preventing your organisation’s negative impact on the environment. 

The new and improved Environmental Policies have been professionally written to suit a variety of different industry sectors including:
• Construction
• Hotels
• Garages
• Small and medium sized factories and workshops
• Those involved in transport and deliveries
• Offices
• Shops

We also include documents to enable you to identify the waste products that your business produces so that they can be dealt with efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner, facilitating your business in its compliance with legislation.

Once you start to investigate your environmental efficiency you will probably see how you will benefit financially as well as improving your green credentials.

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