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Policies & Guidance: Safe Driving

April 2013
Driving for work is considered to be a factor in approximately one third of all road traffic accidents. The resultant costs to businesses are huge, from increased insurance costs to covering staff absences; the personal costs can be even greater.

This month Simply-Docs have updated their Safe Driving documents sub folder. We have updated the Company Driving Policy – this is what the Company will do to ensure that it is providing the correct type of vehicles, suitable restraints and how it will ensure it does not set schedules that will cause reckless driving.

We also have a new document - the Employees Driving Policy. This is based on the Company Policy but sets out what the Company expects from the driver in terms of his behaviour on the road, whether they are using their own car or one supplied and paid for by the Company. This document is intended to be signed by the drivers and kept on file.

Additionally, there is a set of guidance notes for transport or fleet managers. This is intended to give guidelines to remind them what they need to check to keep the company vehicles roadworthy and legal.

Many companies are now moving away from providing company Cars to their staff, preferring instead to give them a cash allowance each month for them to provide a car of their own. Simply Docs have addressed this and have written a new Car Allowance Policy which sets out to the employee what his responsibilities are when using his own vehicle for work purposes.

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