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Payment Reminder Letters

The documents in this folder have been drafted to help businesses who are owed money by their customers. If you are in this position, the ideal place to start is the Guidance Notes: Debt Recovery and Taking Legal Action. These Guidance Notes run through possible courses of action when debts are outstanding. The Guidance Notes include reference to debt respite legislation which provides some protection from debt collection for certain individual debtors, and you will need to consider whether and how it applies before you take any steps aimed at obtaining payment.

This folder focuses on the first stage of debt recovery – the sending of reminder letters. A reminder letter may prompt a customer to pay, or to enter into a dialogue with the business about the debt, and this may mean that more drastic action can be avoided.

If the amount owing represents more than one invoice, a statement of account should be prepared and enclosed so that the balance payable can be easily verified.

All these documents are professionally drafted, are in Microsoft Word format and can be edited as required.

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