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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Statement formalises in words how a company manages its business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. Corporate social responsibility is the process of assessing an organisation's impact on society and evaluating its responsibilities.

A Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement is an actual statement of intent or “mission statement” which defines areas of concern and initiatives to improve relations with the people and environments affected by business operations beyond mere compliance with legislation. It can be communicated both internally within the business and externally to the wider business and local community and is more external facing than an ethics policy. It is often posted on a company’s website.

This statement has been specifically tailored to the needs of an SME. It begins by explaining why it is important for SME’s to have a statement of social responsibility and what such a statement should cover. It will usually cover:

• Employees/people;
• Customers;
• Suppliers;
• Health & safety;
• Environment; and
• Community.

A statement is then set out. The statement is generic in nature and therefore can be used by any SME whatever its business. All the headline points of social responsibility (above) are covered and then can be added to for business or industry-specific practices, policies and procedures as explained and set out in the statement.

This statement dovetails with the Corporate Ethical Policy, Bribery Act Policy and Anti-Money Laundering Policy which can also be found in the Corporate Ethics Policies Subfolder.

This statement is in open format.

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