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Construction Site Form for Inspection of Plumbing/Heating Contractor

Site Inspection Form - Plumbing Contractor


If you are a plumbing and heating contractor on a building site you may need to demonstrate to the principal contractors that your on-site works or procedures are compliant with either CDM or the site rules. This Plumbing Contractors’ Site Inspection Form has been written to be used by your safety advisor, to enable them to carry out an inspection on your works or procedures. The form can be used to show that the contractor is managing the varying aspects of the work, whether it is first or second fix pipework, installing boilers and radiators or laying underfloor heating.

This checklist will enable the advisor to look at your work activities and pass comment on how well (or not) you are approaching compliance with either CDM or the site rules.

The section headings have been filled in for your convenience but can easily be changed to suit your particular needs.

This form has been written by a safety professional to assist you in managing health and safety compliance on a construction site.

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