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Site Work Method Statement – fixing structural steel beams or columns

Site Work Method Statement – Fitting Structural Steel


This Method Statement is for fixing structural steel, whether it is creating a frame for a commercial warehouse, or for supporting the roof on a domestic extension.

Working with heavy sections of steel is always potentially hazardous. There are many hazards involved – manual handling, working near vehicles/cranes, and of course the actual lifting and fixing of the sections which is usually done at some height.

Writing a Method Statement is an important part of managing risks around the work site.  Even if you are working on a small domestic project you should write a Method Statement if only to use it as a ‘tick box’ exercise to make sure you have thought about the safety issues involved.

You may find it useful to use this worked example method statement in conjunction with the blank method statement template in this folder and the guidance notes on how to write a method statement. This method statement has been professionally written for a specific task and a specific location and should be used as a guide only. Method statements must be site specific and each site will have its own particular issues that need consideration.

Writing a Method Statement can be an important part of managing risks around the building site. Using a systematic method of looking at your work activities by first completing a suitable Risk Assessment and then creating a safe system of work on the Method Statement form you will go a long way to ensuring the safety of your employees on site. If you are a sub-contractor you may be asked to provide your method statements before starting work. These forms, when properly filled in, will show your prospective clients that you are serious about managing health and safety on site.

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