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Managing Creditors and Creditor Insolvency

Creditors & Insolvency

How do I manage exposure to creditors? Whether or not you you at some point find that you are facing insolvency, it is important to develop and maintain mutual trust and a good relationship with creditors and manage your exposure to creditors from the outset. It might also later help to avoid a winding up application or other legal action (which would be costly for you). See below for further details.

How do I deal with insolvency? As soon as your business gets into trouble you should consider various ways of reducing the possible danger of insolvency. See below for further details.

Debtor protection legislation might assist you by limiting steps a creditor can take to seek payment from you. See below for further details.

A variety of documents which may help businesses dealing with creditors during insolvency can be downloaded from our Business Document Folders. 

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