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July 2012
With the addition of two new Sub-Folders, Construction Management for Sole Traders/ Partnerships and Construction Management for SME’s, and last month’s Tool Box Talks Sub-Folder a new Group containing all our documents relating to the Building/Construction Industry has been developed.

For both Sole Traders/Partnerships and SMEs the documents include a tailored Health and Safety Statement, a Health and Safety Policy, Health and Safety Arrangements and Procedures, a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan for detailing how you will manage health and safety on larger projects, and an Environmental Policy with Guidance Notes on managing the waste your work creates.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that it will continue to prioritise its efforts in combating dangerous practices on smaller sites. It has long been accepted that statistically you are more likely to be injured working on a small local project than on something like the Shard or the Olympic Stadium. So the HSE will continue to target these sites. The HSE have announced what their Inspectors will always be on the look-out for whenever they do a site visit. Each of these new Sub-folders also includes useful Guidance Notes for Small Builders. These detail what you need to do in order to stay compliant in those areas.

To complete this new Building and Construction Group of documents additional Tool Box Talks will be provided over the next 2 months with a wide range of specific Construction Risk Assessment Forms and Method Statements.

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