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Fair Trade Policy Statement Template


This Fair Trade Policy Statement Template can help you to formulate a fair trade policy and also a fair trade statement.

If a business follows fair trade principles, its customers can use their purchasing power to help disadvantaged suppliers and producers of that business, and improve the lives of people and communities. Your customers may be better disposed towards your business if, in sourcing your products for your business, you adopt and follow such principles. Furthermore if you produce and publicise a statement of a fair trade policy which sets out those principles, it can help to promote your business.

There can be no "one size fits all" fair trade document, and you will need to ensure that your fair trade policy matches the particular circumstances of your business.

However, this template can assist you to produce a fair trade policy document of your own by making it easier and quicker for you to focus on what to include in your own document.

This template can be used either as a checklist of points to be included in a fair trade policy statement or as the basis for drafting such a document.

This template does not include any reference to any fair trade labels for goods but you can adapt it to do so as appropriate. (You should take advice about use of any fair trade label or logo that you intend to use to ensure that you are entitled to use that label or logo in your business.)

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