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Where are Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) Found in the Workplace?

Where are Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) Found?

In general, materials which contain a high degree of asbestos are more easily damaged and therefore more likely to release fibres. The examples below are the most likely ACMs.

These are listed in order of ease of fibre release:

  • sprayed asbestos and asbestos loose packing - generally used as fire breaks in ceiling voids
  • moulded ar preformed lagging - generally used in thermal insulation of pipes and boilers
  • sprayed asbestos - generally used as fire protection in ducts, firebreaks, panes, partitions, soffit boards, ceiling panels, and around structural steel work
  • insulating board used as fire protection, thermal insulation, partitioning, and ducts
  • some ceiling tiles
  • millboard, paper and paper products for electrical equipment, and used as fire-proof facing on wood fibreboard
  • asbestos cement products, fully or semi-compressed into flat or corrugated sheets (for roofs & wall-cladding), or used for gutters, pipes and water tanks
  • some textured coatings for decorating walls and ceilings
  • bitumen roof material
  • vinyl or thermoplastic floor tiles.

Asbestos has been used in many other materials. If in doubt, and only if you have strong evidence to the contrary,  you should presume that the material contains asbestos.

Some material clearly does not contain asbestos - glass, solid wooden doors, floorboards, bricks and stone.

A more detailed list (though not exhaustive) - ACM Product Chart - is available below.

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