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Management and Control of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in the Workplace

Management & Control of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)

Asbestos in Good Condition:

If asbestos is in good condition, is unlikely to be damaged and is unlikely to be worked on or disturbed the HSE recommends it is usually safer to leave it in its place and manage it. 

The only action that may need to be taken may be:

  • noting the presence of ACMs and maintaining a Register of location and condition
  • where practical labelling relevant locations with asbestos warning signs
  • introduction of a permit-to-work system to ensure all parties who come to carry out work on the premises are presented with the relevant information before they commence.

Minor Damage:

  • Material should be repaired, sealed or enclosed to prevent further damage
  • Its location should be recorded and its condition should be monitored at regular intervals
  • Application of permit-to-work system as above.

Poor Condition, Badly Damaged or Likely to be Disturbed
The ACM should be removed. This work must be carried out by someone trained or competent to carry out the task.

Any work with asbestos insulation, asbestos insulating board and lagging - in respect of sealing or removal - should be done by a contractor licensed to the HSE.

Other Controls

  • air monitoring;
  • maintenance of health records;
  • health surveillance;
  • facilities for washing, changing and storage of clothes and equipment;
  • provision of personal and respiratory protective equipment;
  • instruction, information and training for employees;
  • appropriate notification to the Health and Safety Executive.

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