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Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) Risk Assessment in the Workplace

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) Risk Assessment

Having identified and recorded the location and extent of the ACMs and presumed ACMs you will need to assess and record their condition, and the likelihood of disturbance.

Questions to consider in this assessment include:

  • Is the surface of the material damaged, frayed or scratched?
  • Are the surface sealants peeling or breaking off?
  • If the material becoming detached from its' base?
  • Are protective coverings missing or damaged?
  • Is there asbestos dust or debris from deterioration or damage near the material?
  • Do people work close to the ACMs in a way that is liable to disturb them?
  • is the ACM likely to be disturbed? If so, who by and in what circumstances?
  • Is maintenance, repair or refurbishment work due to be carried out near the ACMs

The risk assessment of asbestos must also consider the people likely to be exposed to the material. This should differentiate between staff, contractors, visitors or the general public. Whether or not the ACM has been assessed as "Good" or "Poor" a plan must be initiated to control and manage the risk. Wherever asbestos remains there is a risk of future disturbance and deterioration.

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