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Commercial Participator Agreement (Product Promotion – Three Parties)


This Commercial Participator Agreement (product promotion – three parties) is for use where the promotional venture entails sale of a product by the “Commercial Participator” rather than some other promotion and the charity has decided that the arrangement will need to be made between itself, the Commercial Participator, and a trading subsidiary of the charity. It should only make this decision based on specific professional advice – it may not be necessary in certain cases to involve any trading subsidiary.

There are some examples in the Schedule to this Commercial Participator Agreement (product promotion – three parties) of types of Promotional Venture and of typical wording of the statements legally required to be made by the Commercial Participator to donors about the promotion. These are only illustrative: the parties will need to include a description of the actual venture which is detailed and accurate. They will also need to agree (either in the Agreement or separately) on legally appropriate wording for the statement to donors to be included on the product or other promotional material.

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