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September 2019

Extending your sales channels by engaging agents, distributors and franchisees is one of the various ways in which a business can expand without considerable outlay.

You might appoint an agent or distributor to market and sell your products and services in any territory/ies where you already operate or in any other territory/ies. Alternatively, you might grant a franchise of your business (i.e. in effect licence your business) to one or more others in order to exploit your brand.

There are a range of templates in the Agency, Distribution and Franchise Agreements subfolder which can be used when setting up a variety of agency, distribution and franchise arrangements. Three of the templates in this subfolder (the MOUs for goods sales agency and distribution, and the Franchise Agreement) were reviewed and updated in detail some months ago, and the remaining eleven templates have now also been comprehensively reviewed and updated where required.

In addition, some helpful, free information pages on “Expanding the Distribution Network” can be found here .

The Agency, Distribution and Franchise Agreements subfolder includes templates for the following:

  • engagement of various types of commercial agents (governed by the Commercial Agents Regulations)
  • appointment of a marketing agent
  • appointment of a merchandise agent
  • an agreement to consign goods to an agent
  • agreements with distributors of goods
  • a multimedia product licence and distribution agreement
  • a software distribution agreement
  • a franchise agreement
  • MOU (Heads of Terms) documents to identify and negotiate terms for a sale of goods agency or distribution of goods, prior to producing and signing a definitive agency or distribution franchise agreement.

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