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March 2012

When used correctly, the internet can be a phenomenally powerful marketing tool. Many if not most businesses now have some form of online presence, but without the appropriate measures in place to drive visitors to their websites, those businesses will not see much benefit. Providing services relating to online advertising is thus now a big business in itself.

New Online Advertising Service Agreements

Simply-Docs now offers a range of new service agreements tailored specifically to online advertising services. Our new SEO Agreement and Pay-Per-Click Management Service Agreement are both designed for use by business whose focus is on enhancing the search engine visibility of other businesses’ websites.

Detailed provisions in these new contract templates address the services to be provided, the information required from clients in order to provide those services, payment, intellectual property rights, and confidentiality. Of particular importance are warranties and indemnities provided by all parties which cover the information and deliverables provided by each.

New agreements designed for the provision of content-creation services are also available in the form of a new Copywriting Agreement and a new Blog Advertising Agreement.

The Copywriting Agreement has been designed to be broadly applicable and can be used with a range of different types of copywriting (though, of course, it is geared towards promotional work).

Increasingly, blogging is now about more than merely voicing one’s opinions in a small corner of the internet. Online success is dependent on links and hits which, in turn, depends on spreading the word about your online presence. The new Blog Advertising Agreement enables bloggers to offer “promotional posts” on their blogs – advertising other websites and businesses.

Both the Copywriting Agreement and the Blog Advertising Agreement contain extensive provisions pertaining to the services in question as well as other key elements including payment and intellectual property ownership.

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When you have some news to spread about your business, whether online or offline, a press release may often be the preferred option. Simply-Docs now offers a range of Press Release Templates covering contract awards, new products, updated products and new services.

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