Website Support Contract Template

Website Support Services Agreement


If you wish to use this document in a scenario that involves personal data, standard clauses for data protection and data processing are available in our GDPR & Data Protection Group.

The Website Support Services Agreement contains the following clauses:

1. Definitions
2. Interpretation
3. The Software Support
4. Other Services
5. Fees and Expenses
6. The Customer's Responsibilities
7. Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights
8. Warranties
9. Liability
10. Intellectual Property Rights Indemnity
11. Risk in the Delivered Materials
12. Confidentiality
13. Term
14. Termination
15. Non-Solicitation of Staff
16. Force Majeure
17. Waiver
18. Notices
19. Invalidity and Severability
20. Entire Agreement and Variation
21. Assignment
22. Relationship of the Parties
23. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
24. Exclusion of third party rights and the Schedule.

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