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Confidentiality Agreement Template Updates

March 2016

Following our comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement upgrades in February, we have now updated the remaining key agreements in our range of confidentiality and non-disclosure templates.

For decades now, the term “information age” has been a popular one. From a business perspective, the value of information has never been higher; likewise, the value and importance of protecting that information. When your business engages with a third party contractor, it is vital to ensure that any proprietary information used by that contractor is protected. The contractor may need it in order to work with you, but steps must be taken to make sure that they cannot use it for anything else. Much the same applies when third parties may be working with your clients, only there there is an additional layer of protection required – not only ensuring that your information is kept confidential, but also making sure that your clients remain yours.

Updated Confidentiality, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements

Our range of non-competition, non-dealing and non-solicitation templates now benefits from the same upgrades as our standard NDAs. Each template now serves as a comprehensive confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, as well as performing the same functions as before with respect to restricting the activities of the contractor (or other party to the Agreement).

Among the new provisions in these documents are those addressing data storage and security, the sharing of personal data, proprietary rights, and new liability and indemnity provisions applying in the event of a breach.

An additional benefit of these updates is a new level of standardisation across our range of documents. The key confidentiality terms are now shared across all documents, making them much easier for you to use.

The importance of protecting your commercially valuable information cannot be overstated. Whether you are in early discussions with another business with a view to collaborating on a project, engaging a contractor to provide services, or wish to prevent a contracting party from unreasonably competing with you or poaching your customers, getting everything written down in a fair, clear, legally binding document is key. For more information, check out the links to each of our updated templates on the right.

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