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Appointment, Removal & Role of a Company Secretary

July 2013
This month we have taken a fresh look at the appointment, removal and role of the Company Secretary by creating a new tailored and more focused section of the corporate folder exclusively relating to the Company Secretary.

We have revamped and replaced our existing documents with a new user friendly step by step guidance note on the procedural requirements involved in the appointment and removal of a company secretary, as well as taking the reader through the role and duties of a company secretary in a private company. The guidance note usefully links directly through to all the underlying relevant resolutions, board minutes and companies house forms that the reader may require. These documents have also been revised and updated to make them as easy to use and as relevant to the role of the company secretary as possible and new documents tailored to the company secretary have been added.

This new section of our corporate folder has been written with a newly appointed company secretary (or start up business) in mind as well as a more experienced company secretary, for whom it is likely to be a useful refresher guide.

Whilst focusing on appointment, removal, role and duties, we also remind the reader how private companies taking advantage of the statutory relaxation (under the Companies Act 2006) not to appoint a company secretary, can remove the relevant provisions from their articles of association, but explain how these companies must still ensure that the designated company secretarial functions are carried out and whom the role and duties are often delegated to.

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