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Prioritising Staff Retention and Development

February 2017

This month, Simply-Docs has added a template Staff Retention Policy and a Training and Development Policy to its suite of documents.

The Staff Retention Policy sets down the initiatives taken by the employer to minimise its staff turnover and to seek to retain valuable employees. The business case for effective management of staff retention is compelling because if an employer has issues around retaining staff, there can be additional problems with employee morale as well as the cost of recruiting and training new staff.

Training and development will feature prominently in any staff retention policy. Interestingly, research shows that many employees value training and development opportunities more highly than financial reward and so it is helpful to expand on an employer’s policy in this regard.

The Simply-Docs Training and Development Policy is intended to help employers set down a set of principles to which the employer adheres in respect of the overall management and development of the workforce. The policy should be adapted to an employer’s particular needs but, in essence, it should enable line managers and employees to understand the philosophy and overall approach taken by the employer to investing in its workforce and how training and development activities will be audited and monitored.

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