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Letter Advising Employee of End of Fixed Term Contract


This letter should be used to confirm the end of a fixed term contract in circumstances where the worker has been covering a period of maternity or sick leave, and the worker who was on leave is now returning to the workplace. It can also be used when a training contract is coming to an end.

The reason for the dismissal in this situation is ‘Some other substantial reason’ (SOSR), a catch-all category designed to allow employers to terminate an employment contract when no other potentially fair reasons apply. 

When considering a SOSR dismissal, the employer must ensure that, as in this case, the reason for dismissal is substantial. The employer must also demonstrate that they have acted reasonably, followed an appropriate procedure and considered other possibilities (such as redeployment) before moving to dismiss the employee.

The letter confirms that a meeting was held to discuss the situation, and that consideration was given to alternative roles in the Company. The employee is also given a right of appeal.

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